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We have many upcoming webinars, FB Live, E-learning courses for you to learn more parenting tips, children development milestones, kid learning activities and so on.

Speech Therapy Awareness

This video is to create awareness to the public and not just professionals who work with special needs kids. It may also serve as a guide to understand and acquire basic knowledge on speech therapy and children with language delay.

This video is suitable for:

  1. Parents with speech delayed children
  2. Preschool or kindergarten teachers
  3. School leavers & fresh graduates interested in pursuing a career in speech therapy or special educational needs
  4. Anyone who is passionate and curious about speech therapy


We support and help you to educate children and make learning fun and easy.


We provide training courses and resources for you to become a better educator and parent.


We work together with you to learn WHY, HOW and WHAT is the best for the children.

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We provide a wide range of online resources to become a better child educator or parent.

Workshop / Webinar

Different short courses designed specifically to train potential educators to be equipped with skills and knowledge to care, develop and rehabilitate children.

SKM3 Course

Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Level 3 will be awarded to candidates who have display competencies necessary to perform tasks and functions for employment in the actual work or home environment with special needs children.

Early Intervention Programme (EIP)

An individualized intervention plan that provides different types of early intervention program to children who have been diagnosed with specific / general developmental delays or with disabilities.


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Imam Shaik
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